Crumbling Roads in California May Cost More Down the Road – 2015

May 20th, 2015-

20150519-233155.jpg WCMNews– Many don’t realize how fragile our modern society can be. There are a number of amenities that most individuals have grown to be accustom to having available. The Internet, gasoline, heat and AC, instant news access, and a well oiled Emergency Medical System.

These are just a few of what is provided day in and day out with our modern society. Yet the normal can be fractured in a second when circumstances change. Disaster strikes and instantly societal norms become scarce or limited.

Well these norms hinge on key elements that drive our society. The infrastructure that is the foundation to everything. Roadways connect this all together. Many don’t realize how drastically the conditions of the roads can effect daily life.

UT San Diego -“Truckers depend on roads and highways to provide essential transportation services to our state and the nation. Analysis by the American Transportation Research Institute found that 78 percent of California communities depend exclusively on trucks for delivery of goods. Moving over 88 percent of total manufactured products, including the newspaper or tablet you’re reading this on, nearly everything is delivered by a truck,” Yadon, California faces challenge of crumbling roads.

This means the majority of California requires quality roads to have materials and substance delivered to the shops, homes, and hospitals. This means all services depend on proper maintenance of these roadways. In this same article it goes on to highlight how funds have been pulled from dedicated road work to get California back on track financially. This is just kicking the can down the road, no pun intended.

20150519-233434.jpg This could have drastic effects on our economy and way of life all in itself. Yet imagine if this were to be compounded with flooding, earthquakes, and/or continued drought and fire. Ours roads would be broken and jammed, our stores would be bare, and the citizens would be faced with the burden of fending for themselves. Food, water and security would become paramount.

If one was faced with the choice to fix something today to be prepared for tomorrow over postponing the inevitable in order to clean up some debt, which would be preferred? Imagine if lives hang in the balance.



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