Starting An Earthquake Plan Part 3

May 21st, 2015-
While there are many ways to establish safety measures for your family, maintaining the quality of those measures tasks dedication and additional planning.

With a plan in place a household should have discussions on what to do and how to use all emergency devices. If only one individual in each home knows of the safety measures then they are the only one prepared. All should have the training to feel comfortable implementing them durning an emergency event. They may have different levels of knowledge based on age, strength, and ability to cope. Yet all should be well rounded in their part of the plan.

Families are encouraged to take part in fire drills at home and school regularly, this should also be the case at home with emergency events. All should know how to communicate and conserve important essentials like power, water, and food. Supply caches should be known by the entire family. These can be trained with to help with monthly maintenance and inspection.

Keeping foods fresh and safe from the elements is important for caches. Animals can become an issue as well as mold, moisture, and expiration dates. Everything should be properly sealed, stored, and rotated. A good practice is to store some long term storables like freeze dried meals ready to eat and rice and grains stored with O2 absorbers. Another part should include canned goods that are regularly consumed by the household.

These simple steps will help keep your homes selves full of food day in and day out, and provide an abundance of food when an emergency happens. The USGS as FEMA recommend that every house hold has at least a weeks worth of food and water per person. This would equal out to five flats of water for just two people over the course of five days.

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