California Fault Seismographs to Help Watch San Andreas

May 24th, 2015
Here are links to find 70 USGS seismograph stations located across California. There is a great station map page that allows for quick views of each graph along with the location. Or you can save the link to each individual graph closest to you and reference it daily. Enjoy watching the San Andreas and it’s sister faults:

USGS seismograph station maps:
California Map

USGS seismographs Bay Area:
Pinole Ridge graph

Sonoma Mountain graph

Milagra Ridge graph

Tamalpais Park graph

Stanford Telescope graph

USGS seismographs Southern California:
Oat Mountain graph

Sunset Peak graph

Flash Peak graph

Rocky Hill graph

USGS seismographs California-Nevada boarder:
Convict Lake graph

Mammoth Pass graph

USGS seismographs California-Oargon boarder:
Camp Six graph

Bosley Butte graph


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