How to Wake Up the Moment an Earthquake Strikes – Alarm

How would you like a loud alarm to go off the next time an earthquake strikes near you? Not a notification on your phone fifteen minutes after an earthquake struck yet instead alarms sounding the second the shaking starts.

Well a new security alarm out on the market may just be able to help with that. The early vibrations from an earthquake can sometimes be picked up in panes of glass and bodies of water. Well the SABRE window alarm might be able to notify you of vibrations coming prior to you feeling the peak of an earthquake.

Here are the details of the SABRE window alarm:
-100 dB Glass Alarm 2-Pack – Helps Prevent Intrusions through Glass Windows and Glass Sliding Doors.
-High/Low Sensitivity Setting Helps Prevent False Triggering on Windy Days.
-Slim Glass Alarm Sounds When Glass is Tampered with or Broken.
-Deters Intruders – Warning Sign Visible Outside.
-Easy to Install – Installs in Seconds. Low Battery Test Button.
-Indoor Use Only. Batteries Included.

You can order a two pack on for only $11.79:
SABRE window alarm


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