Valley Fire Shocks Firefighters, Burns Communities, and Stretches Three Counties

September 2015-

WCMNews– By now the entire nation has heard the story of the Valley Fire. This late summer fire has made its way across three counties. Destroying hundreds of homes, killing 3, burning firefighters, and setting new behavior models for fire systems in California.

 This fire is currently 40% contained and slowing in growth. The weather is heating up along with the efforts to keep this fire from picking up again. With hundreds of firefighting resources work day and night to contain this 73k plus acres fire, it continues to grow at only a couple hundred acres since yesterday’s update from Cal Fire. 

 Fire season still has a few more months and with this drought California has been facing the threat of fires is in the forefront of everyone’s worries. Thousands of fires have burned this season, yet the Valley Fire was one of the fastest growing fires almost wiping two towns off the California map. With flames at their back fire fighters were racing to evacuate as individuals prior to turning and facing the enormous task of protecting homes, towns and further spread. 

California is currently scared by large scale areas of chard devistation. This still leaves plenty of California to burn. Be advised that this hot weather will continue to provide the perfect conditions for explosive fire behavior. Continue to keep your required space around your homes, safe camping practices, and avoid anything that might spark the next fire.

Visit Cal Fire’s web sites for helpful tips and ways to prevent wildfires. Mind any evacuation orders that may come in the future to allow for firefighters to focus on stopping the spread. Be alert and don’t wait to pack a bag if you live in dangerous areas of the West Coast. –WCMNews


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