Heavy Rains Continue to Bring Flooding to North Bay Region

11032016 WEather

March 11th, 2016-

The back-to-back storm systems that are lining up in the Pacific for a wet March weekend here in California show no signs of slowing down. Thursdays rain showed no efforts to let up while the storm system stalled out over the Northern portion of the Bay Area. Sonoma county has been on high alert while the EMS and Fire services respond call after call. The emergency management system and radio communications for the county have been as constant as the rain. From power lines and trees down, to sewage spills and submerged vehicles; there is no stopping what Mother Nature has in store for this hill and valley marked region.

California has been in an on going drought for years. Experts have been saying that this years storm systems could bring the potentially needed rainfall the state has been lacking. The only problem with an extended drought, like the one California has been suffering through, is that many times excessive rain causes more harm than good. The volume of rain and snow that California has been seeing this year is helpful to thwart the seemingly endless drought. Yet with hundreds of thousands of acres burned in the major wildland fire season of 2015, mud slides, flash flooding, and dangerous situations are all this weather is bringing.


Many have heard the alerts to their cell phones in the area and have found maps, apps, and radios to help stay informed. While the rain continues to fall many are at local hardware stores filling free sand bags, buying up flash light, and get their homes prepared to store or shed as much water as possible. Californian’s have it easy for most of the year. With the state’s gentle yet random climate and the long stretch of time between major disasters like earthquakes, it seems there is always some individuals who decide they can beat the odds. They end up calling 911 from their car in the middle of a flooded out road, standing in a foot of water in their riverside house, or just suffering from mild hypothermia from going out to play in the very large puddles with their kids.

To all you planning your wet weekend adventures in California, be safe.

-WCMNews: MNfl


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