Beginning the New Year with Safety and Preparedness 2017

December 18th, 2016-

With the year coming to a close, the holiday travel season in full force, and weather events hitting the country on a daily basis there is no time like the now to begin preparing for the new year. 

While it’s not 1999 with the millennium knocking on our door, or 2012 with the Myan’s dooms day prediction coming. Yet the world continues to spin and the threats of life changing events continue to lion over every soul. All individuals should plan for anything from a major storm event to something as simple as a job loss. 

Anything that forces one to potentially leave their home for a day to a month should be planned for. The basics should be covered. Plans should be in place. 

“The other morning I woke to frost on my front lawn. It being December in Northern California with a heavy storm passing, this was no surprise. I had gotten off work just four hours earlier, working late on an ambulance. 

I was tired. My wife was getting up to drive to work in the next town over. I was getting up to care for our 13 month old son. Just another morning in our household. I had put a towel over my wives windshield knowing that it would freeze over. Temps hit 28 degrees F. 

Everything seemed to be normal save the cold weather. Yet just 24 hours ago there were 29 road closures in the county from flooding and mud slides. 

   Here comes the twist to this story. Now now nothing bad happened, the potential was there and it takes a keen eye to see it. 

My phone was at about 10% due to me passing out without plugging it in. The temp outside was still in the 30s. My cars windshield was frozen, making my car out of immediat use. My son had a fever of 101.2 from a new tooth coming in and needed medication to control it. I was in desperate need of caffeine to stay alert while running on 3 hours of sleep. My wife had left a note saying, ‘We need food from Costco. If you have time, the fridge is empty.’ On the list there was also diaper, TP, soap, and other needed items.

While all of this can be managed under normal circumstances. Today would present an event that could have easily change the outcome. With no warning Mother Nature decided to cause the ground to build up stress and release a magnitude 5.0 earthquake. 

While many know that this is not anywhere close to the 8.9 that devastated the coast of Japan in 2011 and knocked a nuclear reactor off line. But this minor earthquake still had some dangerous features. It struck only a mile deep right at our local geyser power plant. The potential to damage infrastructure and power supply was there. Plus this area is expecting a larger magnitude 7.0 or higher to occur any time.”

Like I had mentioned nothing bad came from this event. Yet looking back on this “normal day”, one should be able to identify a number of potential issues that would have presented with a larger earthquake.

Power outages

Home evacuations

After shocks 

Limited use of car and phone

Divided family

Unsafe environment for child

Distance from required medication


Cold weather

And much more…….


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