Notice: Inspirational Home Preparedness Message – part 1

July 16th, 2017-

Situations that require a different train of thought can occur in a number of ways. All areas of the world face struggles that cause for plans to be in place prior to such a situation happening. Many individuals know of how their work or school have taken measures to prepare for these events. Yet those same individuals tend to ignore the fact that home is the place we spend the majority of our time. More importantly, home is where we feel the safest and let our guard down. There needs to be a strong push to get ones house in order to maintain safety standards and help to keep order during those situations that require one to adjust their train of thought.

Here we hope to highlight some more important aspects of everyday life that could cause for a different thought process. Mainly focused around the event of an earthquake large enough to impact multiple county agencies all at once. This will be referred to as a Large Impact Zone Event or LIZ event.

According to FEMA, with the occurrence of a LIZ event, the scale would require a minimum of seven day of food, water, and medical supplies on hand. There should also be limited expectations for this time period for any response from EMS, Fire, Police and other standard community services. Power, water, and communication may also be interrupted at this time.

This would be the starting point for changing how one thinks on a daily basis. Event though this event may start to correct itself in the first 24-48 hours. Plans should be in place ahead of time to hold you over for the first 72 hours without a question. In a LIZ event one needs to remember that every individual in a radius from you have also been effected as you have. There for, it is important to avoid areas of high tension like markets and hospitals. By providing basic needs at home these additional stress situations can be avoided. I like to call them ASS areas, due to the fact that when you go here there is sure to be an individual that begins to act out making an ASS of himself. Think about it. Gas stations, road blocks, traffic areas. All have a good chance of becoming an ASS area. Yet when a home has not been well equipped and stocked, it also can become your own personal ASS area.

Have you ever experienced a pipe breaking or a tree branch coming down on a fence? Has there been an animal break free or a fire hazard that showed itself in the most unfortunate way? Then, upon fixing each, you noticed that a simple solution was there that may have help to either prevent the issue or limit the destruction from it happening. Now of course here is no way to prevent and protect all areas and issues. Yet if honest with yourself, you can start to think differently about the home you live in and see where improvements can be made. 


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